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Coronavirus and you

At Aha Money, we can help international student under the current event of coronavirus. If you meet the lending assessment, we would be able to provide the loan hence you can pay for the rent, and education expense.

Christmas Loan for you loved ones

Christmas is coming. 2020 is a special year; it is a year filled with surprise, hope, joy and sorrow.It is also a year where many people learnt the true essence of happiness and understand the essential thing in life is not money, or material enjoyment, but the ability to enjoy life, and the ability to

6 reasons why your loan application was declined

All payday lender has an obligation to make sure their customers borrow money responsibly. As such, it is not uncommon for the payday or personal loan lender to decline many customers in a day if they see red flags. So, before you go applying for another payday loan, take note of these 6 reasons to

What are the benefits of having a short-term loan? | AHA Money

If you are able to manage the repayment of the short to medium term loan, you might be able to derive more benefit, and also lower your interest expense

How to keep a good credit history and the benefit of it

Keeping a good credit score or credit history will help you to get a lower interest rate loan.